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About Us

Asia’s Topmost Brand Certification & Corporate Awards

A seal of approval for commitment to the quality of your products and/or services and customer satisfaction and delight. 

Asia’s Most Trusted Brand Awards are a unique and prestigious honor given to a brand that has been identified as the market leader in its industry area for the past year based on customer choice and market position.

It is a toast to the most aspirational brands that have strengthened their position in Asian customers’ hearts and become their preferred brands.

The awards are a loyalty benchmark initiative that recognizes companies that have built their reputations by continuously keeping their commitments. Every year, we hold an award gala with the world’s top CEOs, Directors, Chairman, and investors to witness and honor your businesses’ accomplishments and valuable contributions.


What We Promise

Global Recognition

Be known as the leading brand in your industry across the globe

Media Spotlight

This award puts you in the limelight of international media and helps your market your product/service like never before.

Better Employee Retention

As the most trusted brand, it attracts high-end talents and retains employees for longer

International Customer Base

The award helps you become a global brand and open you up to an untapped, international customer base.


Asia’s Most Trusted Brand Awards

What Makes us Unique

Achieving this remarkable feat offers companies the chance to stand out from the competitors, receive considerable media coverage, and expand from a local brand into a recognized worldwide business icon.

Customer-centric Selection Process

Asia’s Most Trusted Brand Awards is regarded as an image in the minds of consumers that includes associations about a high level of quality, value, rarity, and extraordinariness.

BeKnown as Asia’s Most Trusted Brand

If your brand constantly strives to provide the best possible service/ product to its customers, then don’t miss this golden opportunity. Nominate for Asia’s Most Trusted Brand Awards today, and let the world recognize you for your excellence.

Witness the Awards

Scroll through the pictures of last year’s award gala, be part of Asia’s most trusted brands awards, and feel the energy, excitement, and pride yourself.

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10 Glorious Years of Awards

The winners of Asia’s Most Trusted Brand Awards are among the continent’s most well-known and rapidly expanding brands.

These companies have contributed significantly to the expansion and success of Asia’s economy and have been openly acknowledged as game-changers in a number of consumer-facing industries. Through these awards, we acknowledge the talent and achievement of the fastest-growing businesses in Asia as well as the minds behind them.

Award Benefits

One award, multiple benefits

Unbiased Selection Process

100% transparent nomination and winners’ selection process


A quick and straightforward nomination process


Our Proud Awardees