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Frequently asked questions

You will need to be in touch with our Corporate Branding team on these matters, and they will guide you on the correct and authorized usage of our logo. The logo can be used in all the publicity & marketing material (including brochures, catalogs, hoardings, newspapers & TV Ads, the company website, etc.).

The winners will be selected based on our selection criteria & we will send a formal letter via email to all the winners once their selection is made for the award. The winners should promptly complete their registration formalities totaled to the prize and one-year logo usage rights.

The winners will receive a trophy & certificate of ASIA’S MOST TRUSTED BRAND AWARD as a token of appreciation and brand excellence during the awards. The winning brands will also be provided with one-year logo usage rights subject to the completion of the registration formalities. They can use this logo in different ways to boost their brand image and popularity. For example, they can use the logo in all their marketing and publicity material, including newspapers, TV ads, brochures, hoardings, and catalogs). All winners will receive a media kit, including a press release copy, different logo formats, and a banner design. Winners can use these things on their promotional and marketing collateral to improve their brand image and get the maximum mileage out of winning this prestigious title.

All over Asia, the nomination for this award is free of cost. Thus, the brand can undoubtedly nominate and get a chance to win the title. When your brand is selected for the award, then it’s required for you to pay a registration fee of US $ 600 after discount ( Actual Fees before discount was $1200) for the registration process and to avail of the logo usage rights.

For full benefits & details about Sponsorship packages regarding the “ASIA’S, MOST TRUSTED BRAND AWARDS,” don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ms. Simi (Director – Corporate Affairs) at +1 – 6509184405, OR VIA Whatsapp Chat Support: +1 9178260142 (USA Number), +230 58681413 (Mauritius Number) OR VIA EMAIL AT CONTACT@IBCCORPUSA.COM

The selection is based upon the scores received by the IBC team after evaluation, the scores obtained by the jury panel & the votes received by the brands via consumer survey. ASIA’S MOST TRUSTED BRAND Awards Council selected more than 50 brands as ASIA’S MOST TRUSTED BRANDS amongst more than 1000 consumer brands from all over Asia under different categories.
Also, the brands which are interested in this recognition can nominate directly and stand a chance to become one of the winners. The nominated brands will go through the selection process and will be evaluated, reviewed, and rated by our expert market research team and the jury panel. If they satisfy all the parameters, then they wi selected for the award.

While any winner of Business & Service Excellence is bound to benefit in business growth, it largely depends on how you utilize this achievement. You would surely appreciate that the best tools are a waste in the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to use them. This will be true for those very few winners who do not put enough thought into effectively marketing this unique achievement of theirs and wish that the achievement will work some magic! Those with the right marketing acumen can take immense advantage of being a winner of Business & Service Excellence. They should be able to enhance their market share and leave their competition miles behind without too much effort.