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We at IBC, through our rigorous research process, intend to identify the best Pan-Asian brands touching and change millions of people's lives. The selection process includes the parameters that matter to the consumers while choosing a particular brand, such as quality, features, pricing, discounts, after-sales service, reputation, trust factor, customer satisfaction, etc. We follow the most transparent and authentic process for selecting the brands. The brands are chosen not just based on sales, turnover & profit. The below description will give you an idea of how the process works:

The entire research platform was divided into the following levels:-

The First level of research, was initiated by generating a list of about 1000 brands from all over Asia across the service and infrastructure sectors, and 73 subcategories were drawn up through secondary research using surveys via market studies and category-specific brand reports. The list of institutions was prepared using existing listings, rankings, other research reports, and available sources.

The preliminary list of 1000 brands was scrutinized on a scale of 1 to 10 (where one is the lowest and ten is the highest) and thoroughly examined by our research team on the parameters of Brand Image, Brand Growth, Brand Identity, Brand Leadership, Brand Value, Brand Impact, Brand Innovation, Brand Trust, and Brand Equity.

In more than 20 countries, consumers across Asia were asked to vote for Asia’s Most Trusted Brands via a consumer survey conducted by International Brand Consulting Corporation to “vote for the brands they trusted most” to best reflect consumer’s choice. 1,62,343 votes were collected, and 200 of the leading brands of Asia, categorized into 73 industry segments, were shortlisted. The questionnaire explored the parameters such as quality, features, pricing, discounts, after-sales service, reputation & other factors. It took into account the Pan-Asia presence and USP of the brand. The respondents were also asked to give a trust rating to each brand they voted for.

The list of 200 shortlisted brands by the IBC research team was sent to a panel of eminent jury members to be rated on a scale of 1 to 10. (The jury consists of top renowned corporate leaders from various areas such as Business, Finance, Advertising & Media, including an international expert advisor.)

The final list of ASIA’S MOST TRUSTED BRANDS was based on cumulative scores received by the jury, editorial team, and consumer votes received through the survey.

20 % weightage was given to the IBC team evaluation

30 % weightage was given to the jury scoring

50 % weightage was given to consumer votes via a survey


The cumulative scoring of the IBC team, jury members, and consumer votes was undertaken to finalize the winners of “ASIA’S MOST TRUSTED BRAND AWARDS”.


If your brand is outshining its peers in the market, providing quality, delivering upon its promise, knows what the consumers want, is contributing towards society, is operating responsibly, and if your consumers love your brand, then your brand deserves to be in this race of becoming Asia’s Most Trusted Brand.” Don’t miss this golden opportunity, and nominate your brand today.


You can self-nominate your brand/business by filling out the nomination form on our website. IBC has developed this international platform for the truly deserving brands to get the recognition they have been working hard for. Being a winner of this prestigious title, you can reach out to your target audience and the whole world instead and tell them that this is what you can achieve when you strive for excellence with complete dedication and determination.
The award will undoubtedly boost the morale of your employees and attract new consumers, which will help your brand grow in new dimensions. The people on their journey to achieve the best will be inspired by your success story and will try to walk on their path of brilliance. Your achievement will denote that no matter how small or big your start is, you can reach the pinnacle one day. With the proper marketing and publicity strategy, your brand can attain multifold benefits and grow tremendously within a short time.
We accept nominations from all brands, from manufacturing units to service providers from diversified industries.

Note:Completing This Nomination Form Does Not Guarantee The Nominee’s Inclusion While Required For Award Consideration. Inclusion Is Subject To Specific Criteria Consistent With The Mission, Objectives, And Policies Of The Ibc Consilium. The Information You Enter Is Also Subject To Editing For Style, Accuracy, Or Other Reasons.

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